Practitioners Business Booster.

For practitioners ready to start/expand a business in the wellness industry. Clear blocks to allow sustainable growth & be the successful practitioner you truly deserve to be!

Be willing to work your magic & receive gratitude, compliments & reward!

With healing, hypnosis, business coaching/mentoring we clear the way of doubts, emotions, limiting beliefs and behaviours that are stopping you from growing your business from where it is today to an abundant successful highly sought after practice.

You have a wonderful gift to share with the world. Allow yourself to grow and clear the haze. Show the world what you are really here for.

How Do I Get Started?

Optimal Healing is dedicated to help you become the best practitioner you can be. To take the first step in creating the business you desire, click on the booking button below. You can book in to get started immediately or you can book a Free 20min phone consultation to discuss your specific needs.


** Clients located in and around the Margaret River Region my be eligible for in person services, for those outside of this region please note distant consults are available.