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Let us introduce Sue Perriman & Phil Leslie to you, the faces behind Optimal Healing.

Sue has often been told she has a heart of gold - that could be because she was born in the goldfields town of Kalgoorlie or may just be she is by nature, kind hearted!

As a child Sue was highly sensitive, asthmatic and reacted to allergies. She was placed on medications only to find these were harsh and counter-active for her wellbeing.

In her later years, with the strain of raising a family and running a successful small business Sue developed first postnatal depression, then depression and then chronic fatigue syndrome among a host of other health challenges.

Over time this lead to her discovery of alternative therapies and natural products. These quickly become the most beneficial option for her and her family.

This discovery developed into a passion to deeply understand alternative healing in its many forms. 

Sue went on to study alternative therapies over the next decade some of these modalities include:

  • Access Energy

  • Kinesiology

  • Pranic Healing

  • Reiki

  • Shamanic

  • Crystal

  • Colour Therapy

  • Forensic Healing

  • Ashati

  • Hypnotherapy

When Sue had made progress in her own healing, her natural instinct was to help others with what she had learned over the years. She has since been working from her healing practice at home, recognising the interconnection between mind, body and soul. This small healing practise has evolved into her amazing business, Optimal Healing. Sue is currently practising from a healing room in the well known Crystal's Margaret River on Main Street. 

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Phil Leslie is a skilled hypnotherapist, master NLP technician & facilitates the family freedom protocol.

Phil has spent many years working hard providing for his family however there was always something missing. Phil knew there was more but it wasn’t until a few years ago that he began looking into self development and transformation and found that missing link.

Now with the knowledge he didn’t know he was missing, Phil is able to help others find the connection they desire in their lives while removing the negative and limiting beliefs that have been holding them back.

Optimal Healing, since 2006.

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