What is the Family Freedom Protocol?

The Family Freedom Protocol is a 15 step, life-changing system proven to create more Harmony & Connection with the entire family.

As a Family Freedom Coach my mission is to champion families, we want to get you reconnected and stop the epidemic of depression, hopelessness, anxiety, self-mutilation, low self-worth and suicide.

We focusing on your emotional and subconscious well-being, we aim to remove your old conditioned beliefs, habits and emotional trauma.


Whatever your family looks like, we help your family thrive.


The Family Freedom Protocol is effective in treating;

  • despondency

  • stress

  • screaming

  • lack of joy and laughter

  • lack of peace in the home

  • depression

  • helplessness

  • self-mutilation

  • low self-worth

  • suicide

  • couples who are at the brink of breaking up

It is not normal to scream and shout and have no fun in a family.


How many sessions would I need?

Sessions are tailored according to your needs. We do have 4, 8 and 12 week programs available.

Contact us today for a free consultation to discuss your situation and requirements.