What Other Services are Available?

Here at Optimal Healing Therapies we are trained in a multitude of tools and skills to help identify and remove unwanted burdens and obstacles to your optimal health & wellness.

These gentle non invasive therapies are used to provide guidance, develop growth, remove negatives and clear blockages in energy flowing to your mind, body & soul. 

  • Angel & Tarot Card Reading 60mins or 30mins

  • Hens Weekends & Girls Weekends

  • Fortnightly Healing & Psychic Development Circle

  • Animal Healing & Entity Removal

  • House Clearing (Ghost Removal)

  • Breakthrough -5 session package-

How Do I Get Started?

If you are looking for some guidance and you want to book a reading for one or more people, or if you want to develop you healing & psychic abilities, if you need help with an animal or house or if you want to take the next step and breakthrough what has been holding you back, then Optimal Healing are ready to assist and guide you on your journey. Click on the booking button below to get started or to have a Free 20min phone consultation to discuss your specific needs.


** Clients located in and around the Margaret River Region my be eligible for in person services, for those outside of this region please note distant consults are available.